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I'm not really trying to get people to donate points or anything. I'm just putting this up here as a personal thing. I'm trying to get points to get things for my llamma (I lurv mah llamma badge. XD)

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Journal History

Getting Anon hate/trolling on my Tumblr for the first time.
For that matter, getting hate/trolling on the internet for the first time.

Searching my Mind Palace for a Fuck to give.
No fucks found.

In fact, I find this hilarious.
Mostly because once upon a time I used to troll people.
And I did it a LOT better than this dude is.


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You awake to the sobs of Mobis who lay on a foam mat just a few feet away from you. You wipe cold from your eyes and shake your right hand to run the blood circulation back into it as the shackles had cut it off. You rise and walk what distance your shackles let you to Mobis. “What’s wrong?” you ask “Lisa..the television said she was one of the victims of the explosion…and now she’s dead” replied Mobis as he whimpered and sobbed. You had not known Lisa but of course for Mobis to cry like this meant she was someone of great importance to him. “I’m sorry for your loss” the words sounded empty coming from you but Mobis thanked you. He rose from his bed with your help. It was miracle that 3 weeks ago he couldn’t even move a muscle in his body from having his back broken but he was recovering. “I have to train” he said while wiping what few tears escaped down his cheek. “You don’t, you need to rest, we’re not getting out of here any time soon” you say “We’re both getting out, you’ll see” he replied. There was no use arguing with him as he starting doing his push up and as many as possible with small breaks in between. You look over at the television in the upper far corner of the jail cell that had a black screen. You began to wonder what was happening back in Deviant city and hoped that the situation had taken a turn for the better.

Meanwhile deep in the sewers of Deviant city, Nathan Drake sat in a seat with a flash flashlight, looking over a map where he marked key areas where General Banes thugs had been transporting napalm. The secret hideout has been the only safe sanctuary for Team Gratitude to plan their next counter attack to take the city back from I.R, General Bane and Dr. Nefarious. Darke’s walkie talkie beeped. “Drake, A hole in the barrel?” he said. In order to confirm each member and the hideout from being compromised Team Gratitude used riddles but they reversed them by saying the answer first to a riddle and then the other was left to ask the matching question in full. Answering incorrectly and or using a short answer would signal a breach and an emergency evacuation for others to run to another hideout that was set up else-ware. So far there was no breach, for now. “What is weightless, visible to the naked eye, and if it is put into a barrel full of water, it will make the barrel lighter?” replied Balthier’s voice over the walkie talkie. He was the substituting captain for Mobis to whom the team were not aware of his ware-bouts nor if Mobis was alive. Drake left his table and ran for the vault door. With all his might he turned the dial once right and he waited to hear the cylinders to unlock with the sound of a click and then pulled the door open. Baltheir walked in, followed by Fran, Clank, Chuck, Johnny, Chris, Rock, Bob, T-800, Chief and Hulk but there were six members missing. Drake had notice this and the long faces on his comrades faced “Hey? We’re missing a few heads?” asked Drake to Balthier “Harvey has gone rogue” said Balthier “Rogue?” replied Drake who was taken aback “He has gone to kill I.R and Sheva, Megatron, Ratchet, Booker T and Samus left us to help him and Lisa, I’m sorry to say is no longer with us…” said Balthier as he felt like a failure for letting Lisa die and not trying hard to keep the team together. “Jesus, no” said Drake as horror and mourning starting to kick in and tears well up in his eyes. He wipes his eyes quickly while holding the sobs by pretending to cough and then began talking “What about Gandolf?” asked Drake “I thought he was still here with you?” replied Balthier confusingly. Suddenly the sounds of sirens echoed above ground, it signaled an important message was about to be broadcasted throughout the city on television. Drake took the remote from his hand and turned TV on located in the center of the room. Within an instant the channel was tuned in on city news where there was a showing outside the steps of Deviant Hall were a crowd of people packed around, some consisted of thugs while most of citizens and all their attention was focused on a giant man. He was dressed and looked more eccentric than any other person there. His skin was Caucasian and hairless. His arms were bare and massively hulking. He wore a black vest with metallic lining; his muscular massive legs were draped in black camouflage pants with boots black and glossy. He towered over everyone like a colossal statue but what made him the most intimidating was his head. It was bald with pulsating veins. His mouth and nose where encased by an elaborate contraption. There were six steel teeth like cylinders on the upper and lower part of where his mouth was. It looked like a bear trap crossed with a gasmask. It was General Bane and beside him was an old man in chains, he was bruised and bleeding and when the camera gave an up-close shot of him it was revealed to Team Gratitude that is was Gandalf. Instantly the entire team was taken aback and murmurs began among them but Drake gestured them to be quiet and turned up the volume on the television. General Bane took a microphone that was handed to him by his lackey. “Citizens of this fair city, today I speak to you to bring forth before your very eyes the ones responsible for the tragedy of that horrific bombing. This man here is but one of the few parasites who committed the heinous act of destroying your Deviant Tower but do not take my word for it as he will tell you himself” said General Bane as he put the microphone to Gandalf’s face. Gandalf breathed a moment and he knew if he had not played along all this comrades from Team Gratitude would die so he said what needed to be done “He…he is right…we conspired to take this city…” said Gandalf but was cut short when General Bane took the microphone from him and then began to speak “As you have bare witnessed, this so called Team Gratitude had not come to thank you for the fave but meant to disrupt your fine establishment. So what sentence shall be cast upon this wickedness?” said General Bane. The crowed had screamed obscenities and a few threw rocks at Gandalf until someone yelled out ‘Kill him’ soon nearly everyone in the crowd was chanting ‘Kill him’. “The crowd has spoken and so the sentence shall be death” said General Bane as he threw aside the microphone and took Gandalf by the neck and snapped it, killing him on national TV.
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